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With the right information, education, and tools we believe people can resolve most of their own pain and musculoskeletal health conditions. Check out this short video to learn more about how NRG360 was developed.  

Employer Msk Health Program

The First and onlyproactive, preventative, and corrective MSK Solution

NRG360 was developed using over 8 years of clinical experience, clinical reasoning, and recognizing common pain patterns that repeat in the body over and over again. Recognizing these pain patterns allowed us to package up our evaluations, diagnoses, and self care treatment protocols in an easy to follow, systematic, high quality rehab plan that will not only correct pain conditions but also become the driving force behind prevention of future pain, injury, and high cost MSK health events. Plus, with built in triage this is the most comprehensive MSK solution available.

Most people deal with aches and pains on a daily basis. Many are searching online for self help techniques but inevitably those techniques fall short because they are meant to be part of a larger plan. By proactively providing employees with kits they will have access to the information, education, and tools they need to fully address their pain conditions with speed and accuracy in the most comprehensive way available today. No travelling, no waiting for appointments for weeks. Pain relief is literally at your fingertips and only minutes away.

A Masterclass in self carebe your own therpist

 Musculoskeletal Health has been antiquated for years. It’s time for a new entry point, new delivery, and better outcomes. When it comes to MSK based pain conditions many people are getting medications, injections, MRI’s, and seeing multiple providers before they ever get referred to physical therapy. Some never get referred to therapy at all. This is a major driver behind costs associated with MSK Health. People are chasing down pain relief and solutions only to find themselves coming up short at every stop along their journey.

The problem is they are simply starting their journey in the wrong place. The ideal place to start with pain relief or movement dysfunction is Self Care. Until now, there has not been information and education readily available in a streamlined format to help people understand what to do, how to do it, and when to do it in any kind of comprehensive and progressive format. With NRG360 we have created the most comprehensive MSK solution on the market using the most preferred communication style across the globe. 

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Delivered entirely via Text Message Stream, NRG360 connects,  engages, and progresses people on the most engaging communication platform that has ever existed. We can meet anyone, anywhere, at anytime with content that is seen 98% of the time with response rates at 90% within 3 minutes.

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