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The NRG360 Text channel serves a singular purpose: To bring high quality information and education to the masses on all things musculoskeletal health. This is a broad and ongoing conversation that includes topics on pain, pain prevention, nutrition, physical therapy and other clinical services, self care, fitness, and many more.

By giving access to better information we can start to break down myths and misconceptions about pain, self care, physical health, longevity, strength, and nutrition and how all of these blend together for a high quality life. With the right information, education, and tools people can take care of themselves, decrease pain, and improve the way they feel. 

For ongoing information & education on all things Physical Health

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Text NRG to 417.NRG.PHYS (674.7497)

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Download a one-page overview of the NRG360 Live self-care text platform.

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360 Text Channel