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The NRG360 Live MSK Health Program

Pathway toPain Freedom

NRG360 Live was built to help people get pain-free as quickly as possible by being the first-line defense against pain with advanced self-care techniques delivered virtually, via text message stream.

With our MSK health program, health coverage providers and companies with self-funded healthcare plans can offer a proactive level of self-care service for their employees to better understand and treat pain from the comfort of their own homes by delivering evaluations, diagnostics, and self-treatment techniques via text messaging. Regardless of the time of day or geographic location, NRG360 is available to help people get pain-free and navigate their unique Musculoskeletal Health journey.

We believe people are completely capable of minimizing and solving their own pain conditions with the right information, education, and tools. NRG360 is a Master Class in self-care treatments and if necessary, NRG360 can direct them to the best local provider, who can get them the best outcome, and deliver the services at the best price for the self-funded employer.

Employer Msk Health Program

NRG360 Live Employer Benefits

Our Employer MSK Health Program at a glance:


Minimize Costs

Minimizes healthcare costs related to Musculoskeletal Health Conditions


Reduce Procedures

Reduces costly & unnecessary procedures


Decrease Dependency

Decreases dependency on pain medications


24/7 Convenience

24/7 convenience of virtual care


Customized Programs

Customized programs to suit your employees

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Woman Facing Away And Stretching

Musculoskeletal (MSK) health spending is becoming one of the top areas of spending for most self-funded employer groups in the United States today.

Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine: November 2020 – Volume 62 – Issue 11

NRG360 Live Overview

Download a one-page overview of the NRG360 Live self-care text platform.

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